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Need to Manage Your Online Reputation?

You may need to manage your online reputation if you:

  • Sell products on Ebay
  • Receive bad ratings on Yelp
  • Get BBB claims filed against you
  • Negative forum postings

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TIP: Always respond politely to customers - don't get into arguments. Stay positive.

You must manage your online reputation in a polite, careful way. If you are rude, it will ruin your reputation even more!

A company in today's world needs an online presence. But with that online presence come a number of other potential concerns, the most prominent of which is online reputation management. The internet represents a great way to make your business visible and to find new customers, but it also opens your company up to criticisms and negative reviews, many of which can be unfounded.

Online reputation management is a way to control the negative press a company receives on the internet. You can think of it as public relations of the modern age. The field itself involves the comingling of a number of different strategies, including search-engine optimization, forensic analysis, and legal tactics.

The latter may seem like an extreme tactic, but some businesses do have to resort to legal means to remove content that is libelous. Because comments of this nature are posted anonymously in many cases, it can be a difficult task. For this reason, lawyers and online reputation management specialists exist to guide companies through the process.

A more common tactic is to create enough positive attention on the internet that you drown out the negatives. Today's social networking platforms make this easier than ever before. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ allow companies to gain followers and fans, which gives them a tangible positive online presence.

Another tactic is to address the complaints that might exist online in a traditional manner. Some companies have responded to comments made by unhappy customers in an attempt to the right the wrongs they feel have been done to them. Of course, this can only work when those complaints are valid ones.

Online reputation management is a part of modern business that cannot be ignored. Today's businesses must treat an online reputation as if it were word of mouth. This means doing all they can to ensure it is a positive reflection on their business.

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